Through My Lens, January 2016

Many who know me or have been to my office have seen my collection of Pixar characters. In fact, I have two shelves full of toys from the studio’s movies Toy StoryWall-E, Finding Nemo, and Cars, to name just a few! Recently, at the Golden Globe Awards, Pixar’s film Inside Out won as best animated feature film, and for anyone who has watched the movie, it provides a wonderful glimpse into the mind of a young person and the complexities of emotions many preteens and teenagers experience. It also sheds light on how our emotions as parents or educators can shape our hopes and desires for our students. This summer, I happened to read an article (linked: that explored what universities can learn from Pixar about emotions. Emma Jones, a lecturer in law at the Open University, states: “InInside Out, it is emotions which are guiding Riley’s every waking moment and even influencing her dreams. 

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